Rewilding Europe

After reading conversations about wilderness conservation in Singapore, it reminded me of a charity a friend had previously told me about that is a little bit closer to home. Rewilding Europe – a mission to ‘make Europe a wilder place, with much more space for wildlife, wilderness and natural process.’ This is the link to their... Continue Reading →

In Retrospective Gardens

This post is a retrospectively more critical look at my previous topic of about Gardens by the Bay in Singapore that I visited earlier this March. Recently, I came across an article that really questioned the BBC’s approach of representing Singapore’s environmental actions. This online article from eco-business highlights how Attenborough has portrayed the environmental... Continue Reading →

Flickr Photography

I've recently created a Flickr account for my favourite travel photographs. Since studying in Malaysia I have been fortunate enough to visit some beautiful places across the country, most recently the Island of Langkawi and the Taman Negara National Park. One of my favourite shots from Langkawi is this one of some cheeky monkeys that were... Continue Reading →

25th & 26th March – Singapore

BBC Planet Earth 2 - Gardens by the Bay clip from Atelier One on Vimeo. I first heard about Singapore’s Garden by the Bay during the final episode of Planet Earth II, the nature documentary series broadcast by BBC in late 2016. The show became the 'most watched natural history documentary in more than 15... Continue Reading →

‘If a Tree Falls’ (2010)

Activist Documentaries are a genre that I find truly compelling. Documentary is commonly used as a tool for social change, but for a viewers entire mindset to be altered in 90 minutes is something I find very interesting. If a Tree Falls (2011) is not only an activist documentary, but it also documents the story of people dedicated... Continue Reading →

Patagonia: #Find_Away

Within  trekking, mountaineering, skiing - any other wilderness sport, there is a culture of gear Patagonia is truly one of my favourite brands, and not just because of their selection of gear. It's their huge company brand that demands a contribution to all things environmental in their business. From the ethics carried out in the... Continue Reading →

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