Patagonia: #Find_Away

Within  trekking, mountaineering, skiing – any other wilderness sport, there is a culture of gear Patagonia is truly one of my favourite brands, and not just because of their selection of gear.

It’s their huge company brand that demands a contribution to all things environmental in their business. From the ethics carried out in the production of their shop, to their line of books such as ‘tools for grassroots activists’ (Gallagher N. & Myers L., Patagonia), which was gifted to me from a friend. To read more about Myers intentions for the book have a look Cathrine O’Connors take on Outside Magazine which I will link at the bottom. Their online campaign, cleverly named ‘#Find_Away’ is another example of their constantly enforced mission for environmental and social responsibility.

The name itself of this campaign excites me; ‘find away’ touches on an individuals hunt for the wilderness and ‘find a way’ reinforces both each explorers ambition to fulfil their expedition goal, and Patagonia’s mission to wholeheartedly be a brand that creates positive change.

This selection of short films are extremely cinematic and celebrate particular talents and extreme outdoor sport seekers. #Find_Away: Episode 5 – Wild Alaska does indeed advertise their gear and products from shot to shot, but the short film presents their explorer through a very traditional tool of documentary in the way he is narrating the experience. And the long and wide shots of the mountain do successfully capture the untouched wilderness, presenting their brands mission by enthusing people about what they want to save.

Have a look at Episode 5 – Wild Alaska and perhaps some of their other episodes on YouTube.

O’Connor C. (2016) ‘Tools for Grassroots Activism’ is Patagonia’s Guide to Saving the World, Outside Magazine


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