Rewilding Europe

After reading conversations about wilderness conservation in Singapore, it reminded me of a charity a friend had previously told me about that is a little bit closer to home.

Rewilding Europe – a mission to ‘make Europe a wilder place, with much more space for wildlife, wilderness and natural process.’

This is the link to their website that has an extremely thorough amount of information about their projects taking place over Europe. This is a huge effort to secure the protection and existence of natural green spaces.

One location in particular is linked to me, as I have previously trekked through a part of Sweden’s Lapland that turns out to be an ongoing project for this organisation. It is a truly wild landscape – The Lapland area can nearly be considered road-less with only four smaller roads providing access to the edges of wilderness.

Between Abisko to Nikkaluokta – an extract of the famous Kunglseden (King’s Trail) is an area of wilderness that exemplifies the importance of re wilding Europe.

“Rewilding Lapland: creating a new economy based on a unique natural and cultural heritage”

The Kungsleden Trail is an immense 450km distance through the Swedish wilderness. If you trek before the middle of July then you experience the 24hr sunlight – or midnight sun – which is not the most pleasant when trying to sleep in an orange tent.


That was me in the middle of the night: trying to use my hat and a neck scarf to cover my eyes. It wasn’t working very well.

What’s cool is that Sweden provides the right for anybody to camp anywhere on public land, meaning each evening we could camp anywhere we’d like and not in specific camping sites. This took a little bit of thought, for example water supply, quality of the ground (too wet or unlevelled) and wind cover, but also gave us the freedom to camp in places with some of the most extraordinary views.

And with the freedom to not have to sleep in specific camps, this allows your group to walk at whatever pace you choose because you can finish the day anywhere. We decided to use the camp sites as markers of the minimum distance we would cover each day so that we stayed on schedule for our flight home, but also had to option of walking more of less to find our perfect wild camp spot.

Here is a video produced and created by me through our trek, creating videos is something I have always enjoyed and hopefully this will inspire any trekkers to walk the Kungsleden. It’s a really incredible landscape!

I think that Rewilding Europe has some incredible goals, having more wilderness close to home is something I’d really enjoy and I think many other people would enjoy that too. Being able to visit even more European countries and seeing their natural landscapes is something I’d love. It’s important to treat the wilderness ethically so I’ve created a short poster of information about the seven principles of Leave No Trace.

Every happy camper will have heard these before, but it’s important to stick to them for the good of the environment and the others around us.

7princ lnt.jpeg


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