A phrase first introduced to me by an American Mountain Guide (who I had actually mis-heard) on my first ever mountaineering expedition in South East Alaska, I fell convinced he’d called the morning a blueberry day. I sweetly continued to appreciate that sentiment of being under blue skies, not a dark cloud in sight and enjoying the inevitability that we were going to be outdoors in that sun all day.

However, destined to be corrected and when I was I became unsure of which version I’d preferred. The correct phrase and a part of ski culture vs. the much more literal blue skies means blueberry day.

Nevertheless, a bluebird day: when the sky is blue, filled by light and a fresh layer of snow is on the ground.

As a university student, bluebird days can sometimes feel few and far between if by the form of expeditions and trekking, those long times of dedication and thoughts towards nothing but being outdoors. However, as a Film, Television and Media enthusiast, I continuously find value in content online concerning where the environment, society and creativity intersect. I hope to accumulate a space of discussion for the outdoors, and provide myself time for a bright and fresh thought for any active and engaging creativity I can discover.

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